Heliskiing Arlberg

Heliskiing ARlberg

The Arlberg is the only place in Austria where heliskiing is possible. But not only the flight is a spectacular experience, also the descent from the 2,651 meter high Mehlsack far down to Zug am Arlberg has it all. In order to be able to enjoy the great pleasure of heliskiing on the Arlberg, it is a prerequisite to have a ski guide with you.

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Tour planning

  • Your guide plans the tour and books the flight (from 5 persons two flights are necessary).
  • After the heliskiing we will do some more freeride descents at the Arlberg with the support of the cable cars
  • Get insights into tour planning, snow and avalanche awareness, downhill techniques and companion rescue
  • You bring your equipment (wider skis, avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe, backpack)
  • and a solid basic technique for skiing red slopes

Did you know that…

…heliskiing on the Arlberg is only possible on weekdays?

…heliskiing on the Arlberg is not possible in dangerous snow conditions?

…the offer is unique in all of Austria and only two mountains may be approached?

…there are two starting points, one of which is in the valley, so you don’t need a lift ticket?

…there is only room for 4 people in the helicopter per flight?


Arlberg Ski Resort

Zürs am Arlberg

The Arlberg as the cradle of alpine skiing with its villages St. Anton, Lech and Zürs is considered the snowiest place in Austria and is world famous it’s powderruns.

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What does a heliskiing day with Freeskiguide.com look like?

We meet at an agreed location and check the equipment to make sure it is in working order. The tour planning and the booking of the flight is already done in advance by your guide. We then proceed to the departure point and head for our destination for the day by helicopter. Once at the top, we wedel over 1,200 vertical meters of descent down to the Zug Valley, where the Älpele Inn invites you for a snack. After refreshments, we return to the ski area and extend our ski day with freeride tours with the help of the cable cars or let the day come to an end.

Which mountains can be approached when heliskiing on the Arlberg?

Heliskiing on the Arlberg is possible from 2 starting points (Zürs am Arlberg and Kriegerhorn) and 2 mountains (Mehlsack and Schneetäli) can be approached.

Is heliskiing on the Arlberg worth it?

Definitely! Especially in good conditions, you will not only remember the flight, but also the descent over 1,200 meters in perfect ski terrain.

How expensive is heliskiing on the Arlberg?

The costs for heliskiing are between EUR 490,00 and EUR 550,00 depending on the departure and landing location. 3 people can enjoy heliskiing for this. In addition, there are the costs for a mandatory ski guide. This guide also takes care of the reservation and booking of the flight.

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